Forging Ahead:
The Hotel Sales and Marketing Association

The Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA) is the premier organization of sales and marketing leaders in the Philippine travel and tourism industry, representing the hotels and resorts segment. It is in the forefront of providing hotel sales and marketing professionals with tools, insights and expertise to remain current in the ever-evolving hotels and resorts industry. 

HSMA was organized in 1979 from the informal gatherings of the directors of sales and marketing of the top hotels in Metro Manila. The first set of officers were Melvin Cruz of the Hyatt Hotel as president with Rose Hilario-Libongco of Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Aurora Patricio-Paredes of Manila Hilton, Michael Cuisia of The Manila Hotel and Peter Litgeib of The Manila Mandarin as charter officers.

Hotel luminaries who have held the reins of the HSMA presidency include Maggie Garcia, Leny Fabul, Ofri Canlas, the late Chiqui Recio-Ang, Lyn Tamparong, Gami Holazo, Roberto Laygo, and Marita Marcos. Rose H. Libongco is the longest serving president of the HSMA as she was elected for multiple terms from 1982 until 2010 during some of the industry’s most turbulent times, politically and environmentally.

It was during the presidency of Margarita F. Munsayac, current HSMA Chair, when the Virtus Awards was launched to recognize excellence among sales and marketing practitioners in the hotels and resorts industry.

Over the years, the HSMA has grown in membership and stature as a work oriented and apolitical organization that is committed to promote the Philippines and its member properties. Its roster of members counts 110 hotels and resorts properties nationwide as of end 2018.

Truly, HSMA has come a long way in influence and dedication to the Philippine tourism cause and continues to be a trailblazer in the travel industry.

HSMA builds partnerships with other tourism stakeholders on sales and marketing projects and programs to advance sustainable revenue growth for the hotels and resorts industry and contribute to the robust growth of Philippine tourism.

HSMA champions integrity, business ethics, competence and excellence among its members. The association provides the venue to discuss issues and directions affecting the hotels and resorts industry.

HSMA is committed to educate and develop sales and marketing professionals through workshops, seminars and conferences focused on disciplines essential to its members – selling skills, marketing trends, creative communication, change management, current events, economy and travel forecasts, among others.

H – Highly spirited

S – Success oriented

M – Motivators making a difference

A – Aware and accountable

Board of Directors 2019-2020