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Membership Classification* Fees**
Individual property Php 7,000
Hotel group with 2 properties Php 13,000
Hotel group with 3 prperties Php 18,000
Additional property in excess of 3 properties Php 6,000 per property

*Should you wish to enroll your hotel group, membership will be under the group’s hotel name. HSMA shall ensure that member hotels are recognized.

**Membership Fee includes 1 ticket to the Virtus Awards Night and Gala Diner for the Individual Property; 1 ticket per property for Group membership.


  1. The official representative of regular members has the right to nominate, to vote and be nominated (after one year of membership) as Board Director during elections.
  2. Participation in all industry events/activities where the association is involved.
  3. Participation in educational and other professional development programs, either organized by the association or co-sponsored with other organizations.
  4. Regular access to updated information on relevant industry issues, events and matters of general interest through memo circulars.
  5. Social fellowship and networking opportunities during regular General Membership Meetings (GMMs) and trademark events of the association such as the Virtus Awards.


  1. Active participation and involvement in the activities of the association.
  2. Regular attendance at the GMMs and trademark events of the association.


Locally, it represents the hotels and resorts sector in the:

    • Tourism Promotions Board
    • Tourism Congress of the Philippines

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